The Historic Cottage will be open again soon on Saturdays from 10-12.

Our Goals

Preserving Our History

We have a museum dedicated to the history of our island. Although we lost quite a bit of our archives during Hurricane Ian, we will reopen with new exhibits that are designed to show how Fort Myers Beach evolved from a Calusa stronghold to a fishing village to a tourist destination.

Teaching Others About Our History

Our docents offer tours of the museum to anyone who visits. The tours lead the visitors through the 100+ years of our island's history. We also work with Beach Elementary School and Florida Gulf Coast University by offering presentations on our local history to interested students and teachers. In the past, we have offered boat tours and trolley tours highlighting the historic sites on the island. We also offer public meetings from January through April each year, where we bring in speakers who give presentations on local history.

Enjoying and Preserving our Environment

The Matanzas Pass Preserve is next to our museum. This is a 60 acre preserve that is one of the few undeveloped, protected areas on the island. The preserve offers visitors an opportunity to experience the island as it was before it became a popular beach resort. The preserve has 1.25 miles of trails through four different natural plant communities: maritime hammock, tidal swamp, Black Mangrove Forest, and coastal grasslands.

Your Voice Matters: Reach Out and Connect

At the heart of our mission is you—our community. Have something to share, a question to ask, or an idea to discuss? This is your space to be heard. Drop us a line using the form below, and let's embark on a dialogue that shapes our shared journey. Your thoughts drive us forward!